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Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Grant writing is no small task. Many times, business owners and nonprofits find themselves overwhelmed by the information within a grant application, the technical requirements and specifications and the sheer length of the required material to be completed. In fact, most people are not aware of the full life cycle of a grant.

Behind the scenes grant writing involves attending Q&A sessions, researching previous grant awardees, and understanding what is requested from the agency to submit the strongest proposal for your business. Beyond that, you must have a plan to track the funds so that you are ready for any audit request and prepared to submit a final closeout.

Submitting a grant without the proper information or worse receiving a grant and not complying with requirements can be detrimental to your business and cause you to miss out on all future opportunities. I work for you so you can do what you do best, run your business, while I review all terms of the proposal.

Don’t get bogged down with these overwhelming tasks, allow Scott Strategic Solutions to open new doors for your business.